Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The haunted mansion

The Haunted Mansion:

It was late hours after school and Jonny had just finished his detention so he was walking on by and Jonny heard a gentle whisper and in an instant he looked all around him and saw a huge mansion and the door was just left open to anyone and it seemed like the whispers were coming from there.With bravery, Jonny entered the huge mansion.He couldn't see a thing all he could see was mist surrounding him.

Jonny yelled “anyone home?” and there was no reply.He made out that he was in a hallway he still couldn't see but he sure could smell and it smelled like something was rotting the smell was hard to bare for Jonny but he still walked on.Then without focus he banged into the wall and came out to a kitchen with Jonny holding his breath he saw a meat cleaver and blood all over the bench by then Jonny was freaking out so he quickly got out of the kitchen and then he heard something and it sounded like a T.V then I saw the back of a couch and then saw two people on it and then Jonny said “excuse me someone had an incident in the kitchen” then they said nothing and then Jonny looked at them and they were dead so Jonny ran in a flash and made it out the door and then ran as fast as he could to get home.After that day that house never got touched and no one ever set foot in it again.