Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Jack-The Hatchet - Response Activity 1

Responses to The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Chapters 1 - 5

.WALT: Analyse underlying ideas in texts
.Success Criteria: Recall information from the text and class discussions to make evaluations Brian’s behaviour and feelings.

Personal Response
1. How did you react to Brian’s thoughts and actions? Do you think he is sensible or unreasonable? I think that Brain is sensible because he hasn't killed himself yet.

Analysing Literature - Recall and Interpret
2. Why is Brian visiting his father in Canada? How does Brian feel about his mother? Brain is visiting his father because his mother had an affair with another man so they got a divorce`  

3. What is Brian’s plan for landing the plane? What conclusions can you draw about Brian from the actions he takes before the crash? His plan is to go straight until the fuel runs out and crash land the plane .But he could of parachuted out of the plane as it was going down.

4. What lesson does Brian recall from Mr Pepich, his English teacher? How does that lesson help Brian as he sits beside the lake? Mr Pepich would always be positive and would think of the best.  

Evaluate and Connect
5. Sometimes Brian’s thoughts go back to an earlier time, when he was with his mother. What effect do these “breaks” have on the story. It was making him sad and and annoyed.  

6. Are Brian’s reactions to the pilot’s death and the crash realistic? Does Brian seem like a real thirteen-year-old boy? I think that he seems like a normal 13 year old but it just took him a while to get over the shock.

Extending your response
In the story, the author often relates events or mentions details that become important later on. For example, the pilot allows Brian to steer the plane. At first, this seems like a minor event. Later, it helps Brian survive. What other parts of the story later become important. I think that his mother getting him a hatchet was a little part of the story that turned into a big bit of his survival.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

How a life jacket could save your life

life j.pngToday we learn’t that if your life jacket is not tied on properly it could slip off so you have to make sure it is tight and the fabric that was in our life jacket was made out of a non absorbent fibre called Kapok.

Backpacker going to buy a Lotto ticket after survival

Photo / Thinkstock

Backpacker going to buy a Lotto ticket after survival

By Patrice Dougan
Photo / Thinkstock Article
A Chinese backpacker who survived three days missing in the bush says he might buy a Lotto ticket to test his luck.
Cheng Chen, 28, went for a walk in National Park, Ruapehu, on Sunday but lost his way and spent three days in the bush, without food or equipment, as poor weather closed in.
A search team found him on Wednesday afternoon on the outskirts of National Park.
He was discharged from Taumarunui Hospital today after receiving treatment for exhaustion and exposure to the cold.
Mr Chen acknowledged some people would describe him as lucky to have survived the experience.
"I'm going to buy a Lotto ticket, if I win a prize that should prove if I'm lucky," he said.
Now would be a good time, with tomorrow's Lotto jackpot standing at $32 million.
However, Mr Chen declined to elaborate further on his experience, saying it was embarrassing.
"I went to see a waterfall and got lost in the National Park without food, without water, no hiking gear, and nearly died," he said.
The alarm was raised about noon on Tuesday by the owner of the accommodation where Mr Chen had been staying. He had not been seen since before he went for a walk in the Tupapakurua Falls Track area on Sunday.
There was concern for his wellbeing, with reports that he was unprepared for the stormy weather that struck the North Island earlier this week.
After Mr Chen was rescued, search co-ordinator Sergeant Colin Wright, said he was lucky to have survived.

Success Criteria: I can locate information and make evaluations and recommendations based on this.
Knowledge Questions:
  1. Where did Mr Chen go walking? He went for a walk in National park Ruapehu.
  2. What three things did Mr Chen NOT take with him on his walk? Water, food and hiking gear.
  3. How long did it take for anyone to notice that Mr Chen was missing? it took three days for the rescue crew to find him.
  4. It says “Mr Chen declined to elaborate further on his experience” What does elaborate mean? It means that he will not go any further in his quest.

Discovering more information Questions:
  1. Imagine that you are Mr Chen and going for the same walk. Use the Department of Convservation website ( to find information on the Tupapakurua Falls Track that Mr Chen walked.
    1. How long (distance) is the track, and how long (time) does it take to walk? The distance of the walk is 11 km and the time it would take is 4-5 hours.
    2. Who is the track recommended for? The track is recommended for Experienced hikers.
    3. What are the conditions of the track? Slippery, muddy and following rain.
  2. Read the Plan and Prepare section.
    1. What two things does it recommend you do before your walk? Before always check the weather forecast always be prepared for bad weather.
    2. What five things does it recommend you take with you on your walk? Windproof and waterproof clothes, good hiking boots, food and plenty of drink, sunglasses and sunscreen, first aid kit.  

Evaluation :
  1. Do you think Mr Chen was well prepared for his walk? No because he did not have and of the above and he did not check the weather
      Why did Mr Chen think it was a good idea to buy a Lotto ticket? Because he thought he was lucky to be alive
  1. Why do you think Mr Chen was embarrassed to talk about his experience? Because he was unprepared and didn’t take precaution.    

  1. Using the information above, write an explanation in full paragraph format of Tupapakurua track, including:
    1. definition of a hike,
    2. description of the track, and
    3. operations of  what steps you should take before and during your hike.
    4. any other special features including a picture of the track to accompany it.   
Write your explanation paragraphs here:

If you were to take a hike in the Tupapakurua falls you would need to look at the weather forecast and be prepared for bad weather .The simpies you would need would be wind and waterproof clothes, good hiking boots, food and plenty of water, sunglasses and sunscreen and a first aid kit .The trip would take 4-5 hours and it is 11 km .   

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

People not swimming

This is a graph of the people who didn't swim this week.

Temperature graph

Room 10 has been using graphs for the past three weeks this is a graph that is about the temperatures for the past week.

Bio poem-Jack

sky.pngFuriously fast, flexible, hilarious
Lover of dogs, youtube videos, and fire
Who wonders if we are able to adapted anymore than we are now
Who fears terrifying sharks, screams from people who are ill, crashing thunder and lightning in the pitch black of the night
Who feels delighted when people laugh at jokes, feels disturbed and angry when people tease, feels happy with family
Who is able to do a backflip on a trampoline
Who would like to skydive off a plane, like to go wingsuit gliding, go snow boarding
Who dreams of being a car tester
Who is high-spirited.        

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Rm 10's favourite fruit

This is just some of the small information room 10 was able to gather it is a pie graph of the fruit room ten likes I have also matched the colours to the fruits .The lowest is pineapple and the highest is mango there is also another bar graph below.

Basketball - Explanation

Knowledge Questions:
  1. Where and when was the game of basketball devised? It was made in the USA and made in 1891
  2. What is another name for bouncing the ball along the ground? Dribbling
  3. Can there ever be a draw in a game of basketball ? Yes there can be

Comprehension Questions:
     4.   In total, how many players are on the court at one time? 5
     5.   Name four skills involved in basketball. Chest pass,over head pass,dribble,long pass
     6.   How does the referee communicate signals? they use their hands to give signals to the team

Application Questions:
     7.   Would basketball be a good game for someone short to play? Maybe because it depends if they have a good powerful shot
     8.   What question would you ask an international referee about the signals made during
           the game? I would ask them what the point of making signals are when he could just tell them what to do

Thinking beyond
Analysis: What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of having amateur,
professional and international rules? You could make one tiny mistake before you take the winning shot and get disqualified  

Synthesis: Create a new game using basketball as a starting idea. You can make a game where you have to wear roller skates and you run with the basketball and try though it through a hoop that is in front of you and there can be a goalkeeper and you can snatch the ball off people.   

Evaluation: Do you think introducing games from other countries is a good or a bad thing? I think it is a good thing that games from other countries are good because it gives us more cool options.