Thursday, 16 October 2014

My holiday explanation


It was the term three two week holiday but Instead I got a four week holiday. Because of a foolish move that broke my ankle causing a lot of pain and a moon boot for 6 weeks.


The holidays is a two week break from school and to spend time with friends and family. We have three two week holidays and then one six week holiday at the end of the year.


For these holidays it was an unpleasant break to the thanks of my broken ankle. From the day I broke it it’s been a slow ride for me.For three weeks I have been clanking around on my crutches. But after those three weeks I realized that I had the strength to walk without my crutches. Then on.... it’s been much easier to get around.

For these holidays I went up north to my mum’s she lives in Whangarei I go up there every four weeks. The people who live there is my mum my little brother and my nan. I don’t go up there very  often because  she lives far away and isn’t suitable to stay with her for more than three days.

For these holidays my big brother and I have bought a Xbox 360 with our own money. It came with a bundle of games and a controller. And for most of the holidays I have been playing it all day long.


Next holidays instead of doing nothing not including the normal stuff I want to go camping or go to Waiwera for the day or something cool like that.