Tuesday, 7 March 2017

PPDAC cycle - Temperature & Ice-creams sold

I learned that your variables are one of the most important things about your measurements and the PPDAC cycle as well as your data. And what you use to measure these are your table and graphs.

Goal 1 - Listening to the teacher

Goal 1 :

Listening to the teacher. I will listen to the teacher so that I will get every piece of information about the sport that I need to play. If there are parts that don't make sense I will ask and not be shy because no questions is a dumb question unless I do not follow my goal at all and ask "what are we doing ?" after the teacher just explained. This will be my goal for the year.

Goal 2 - team decisions

Goal 2 :

Team decisions. I am going to apply my self to the appropriate team when doing sports or activities in my  practical periods for my PE class. How i'm going to do this when we are about to pick teams for a sport and instead of going on my friends team. I am going to go on the team that has either not as great players or an uneven/less than team. Same thing for as if there are two teams one with all the good players and one with the not so good players I will go on the bad/not as capable team to try my best to make it even. This will be my goal this year.

Monday, 6 March 2017

My PE SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis definition

Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats

  • The SWOT analysis is way to find out what you are best in, what you are not so good in, what chances you have to get good and what things can become things to make you do not so good which is all tested in a singular subject.

  • Strengths- I am capable at most sports(can do reasonably well) also well prepared I am a competitive player.

  • Weaknesses- I am not the greatest when it comes to teamwork/communication sometimes I go off task and end up not participating can be too talkative when not needed.

  • Opportunities- I can learn off people that are more experienced in a sport that I don’t know so well and ask for extra help from the teacher play a sport that I am very good at to participate to my full extent.

  • Threats- Things that can prevent my success is being out voted for a sport that I don’t like or am not good at or not being acknowledged which then makes me not participate in the sport and I don’t have an actual training space.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Self management Questions

           What is self management ?
  • Self management is the capability to complete tasks at hand and pretty much everything by yourself without needing help and to use integrity when it comes to a situation where it is needed.

           Why is it important we are self managed ?
  • It is important that we are self managed because it shows responsibility and that we are able to take care of ourselves and show all the rise values.

           What are some strategies to be self managed?

  • Make goals for yourself/SMART goals, to self manage you could need some self motivation.