Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Recount - Long bay Marine reserve

I was on my way to school thinking it was just a normal day but then a thought struck me, I had just remembered that there was a trip. I ran to school just to be in time to sort our groups for the trip. It was time to go so my group jumped on the bus and took a seat and once the rest came on it was getting a bit cramped. But my friends and I got to sit together it took one hour but we made it I stepped out and it was blowing furiously the people who worked there came to greet us and took us to the shelter we got told all the rules of what you can do and what you can’t do.

Next we got some trays to full up with water to put all the creatures we found in the rock pools. My group found lots of different creatures like a starfish, a big empty old shell, a dead crab and two cool looking shells that had crabs in them. Once it was time to go we emptied our trays back into the rock pools then we walked onto the beach and onto a flat area and we got told to draw the best creature we found so I drew a giant starfish then we walked back to the shelter to have some lunch.

Then we got given a bucket for each group. We got told our task was to find all sorts of washed up stuff even rubbish. In the middle of that we found two stranded jellyfish one was dead but the other one we didn't know if it was dead or alive .Then we went up onto the dry sand and went digging for sand hoppers I found a huge one and one of the other children found some sort of grub that  one of the workers said she had only seen two of them before. It was a rare sort of beetle I forgot what it was called but it looked ugly then we took our buckets full of stranded creatures back to the shelter. We sorted the things we found into groups and did a quiz about what we found it was fun we came 2nd but it was good so then we finished and grabbed our bags and lined up to go back to school we walked to the bus and jumped back on by the time we got back we were able to go home.      

Thursday, 15 May 2014

The poem of WAR

The poem of WAR :

War is nothing but destruction and death

yet the soldiers who fought for us are now at rest

all though there are the lucky ones who still live among us....
but lets ask are they lucky

they shall live on with the memories of the lost souls

that are now in peace without the sounds

of gunfire and explosions

they are now free but all will be remembered of them.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

My loopy person

For the last week room 10 have been working on measurement. We decided to make loopy people they are made from paper. To make them we measured all our body parts and halved them. Then we glued all the bits into the right places. This is an image of what my one looked like. The hardest part for me was to keep the parts glued together. But the easy part was measuring my body and halving the measurements.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Back to school recount - Jack

It was Sunday night and I didn't feel that great to go to school the next day then I went to bed feeling tired and just wanting a sleep in until 10:30 am .But then the next morning I was waked to a continuous beeping noise and that was my alarm at 6:30 am when I was ready I walked out of the door and off to school then I just walked around with some friends until the bell rang .And now that I've been back for 2 days it’s been good .We just finished a netball lesson and it was quite exhilarating and fun .