Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My netbook reflection

How has having a netbook helped me with my learning

My netbook has helped me in many ways such as researching  information off the internet and putting it into my own words.It makes work much easier ,fun and not as tireing as pen and paper.

Has having a netbook helped me to communicate with my teacher

Yes because when I have done some good work I can share it with my teacher and when I put my work in my folders she can see it.

What have you learnt online

I have learnt some fractions from the math games we play and from the documents we go on.

What have you learnt from your friends

I have learnt some cool sites to go on for math.

Have you helped other people this year ?

No but I have helped people with spelling and their learning.

How has digital learning helped your learning ?

Digital learning has helped me by the reading work mrs Tofa gives us and the math and fraction sites we go on.