Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My netbook reflection

How has having a netbook helped me with my learning

My netbook has helped me in many ways such as researching  information off the internet and putting it into my own words.It makes work much easier ,fun and not as tireing as pen and paper.

Has having a netbook helped me to communicate with my teacher

Yes because when I have done some good work I can share it with my teacher and when I put my work in my folders she can see it.

What have you learnt online

I have learnt some fractions from the math games we play and from the documents we go on.

What have you learnt from your friends

I have learnt some cool sites to go on for math.

Have you helped other people this year ?

No but I have helped people with spelling and their learning.

How has digital learning helped your learning ?

Digital learning has helped me by the reading work mrs Tofa gives us and the math and fraction sites we go on.



Friday, 29 November 2013

Healthy food activity

Write fruit which start with each letter:
Egg fruit
Grape fruit
Honey dew
Ita palm
Jack fruit
Kiwi fruit
Star fruit
Yellow watermelon

Write down 10 vegetables
1 carrot
2 brocale
3 cabbage
4 spinach
5 beetroot
6 kumara
7 corn
8 peas
9 yam
10 turnip

Write down 5 examples of carbohydrates
1 potatoes
2 bread
3 rice
4 spaghetti
5 grape nuts

Write down 5 examples of protein
1 Fish
2 Eggs
3 Chicken breast
4 Steak
5 Baked beans

Write down 10 unhealthy food
2 Mc Donalds
3 Burger King
4 Take aways
5 chocolate
6 lollies
7 Dunkin Donuts
8 Carls Jr
9 Wendy’s
10 potato chips

Write down 5 healthy drinks
1 Water
2 Milk
3 Beetroot juice
4 Orange juice
5 Apple juice

What did you have for dinner last night? I had steak,potatoes and vege’s.

Is it healthy or unhealthy?It was healthy.

Why is it healthy or unhealthy? Because it has protein,carbohydrates and vegetables.

Plan a weekly menu for dinner and make sure it is healthy.

steak potatoes
and vege’s
fish and vege’s

chicken kumara pumpkin pea’s
pork chops
mashed potatoes
and corn
pumpkin soup with
chicken rolls with cabbage tomatoes  
sliced carrots

Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to make a chocolate brownie

Purpose: How to make a chocolate brownie

.175g butter
.175g dark cooking chocolate
.1  1/2 cups caster sugar
.4 eggs,
.1/2 cup plain flour
.2 tablespoons cocoa powder
.1/2 cup chocolate chips
.Icing sugar to put on
1. Heat oven to 160 c fan bake. Line a 17cm x 27cm slice tin with nonstick baking paper.
2. Put butter and chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water, or microwave for 2 to 3 minutes, to melt. ster until it is smooth, then stir in sugar and eggs.
3. Sift flour and cocoa powder together then stir into chocolate mixture. Lastly, stir in chocolate chips.
4. Pour into a tin. Bake for 1 hour. Cool then take away from tin and cut into slices. Then put icing sugar on before serving it.


Monday, 18 November 2013

Poem-My best friend

My best friend:

My best friend is a very good friend but can be annoying at times but still is a very good friend.

                                                He is younger but smart and puts up a fight he has might in
his fight when he is right .
When it is bright you can see his height.He keeps on running but not with me because he’s still not keen to run with me.

When we play fight he almost knocks me out until I see the white bright light when I pass out he stops with a fright and tries to check if I'm alright.

With just enough sight I see if it’s alright to stand at my normal height he says sorry and I say don’t worry because we are best friends and everything is going to be alright .

by Jack        

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Athletics day

Riiiiinng!!! went the bell to start the day. I thought it was just another normal day but I overheard some people talking  about athletics “DAM” I said to myself I didn't bring a thing for athletics .As I was waiting, Mrs Tofa told me to come help with the athletics so I thought to myself “at least it’s something I can do”so I  went to go help .It was almost time to start and we were all lined up ready to go.

First up for us the year 7s was relays to start up it was Moli vs me we had the battens ready to go as Mrs Silva says “get ready get set GO!! ” I ran as fast as possible and I finished but he still beat me but the rest went and went till the last ones whose going to win and they win team 2 but in team 2 was Jerome and he didn't race so we WON!! .

Next up was long jump first was a girl from room 7 so she ran and jumped she did good but I thought I could do better so next after next went and did it but I wanted a go but then the bell went briiding to the next one but miss Atuahiva said that we could have a go after all the athletics.

Shot put one of the ones I hate the most all you do is put a heavy steel ball on your shoulder and throw so as everyone did that I just waited and watched .”Yahh” I said because it was my turn I held it put it on my shoulder and pushed it was a al right throw so we left .

To discus we went it was the girls first so we just sat down and mucked around by then after that it was the boys turn so half of us went and then I went I grabbed a discus and was about to throw but I got caught with a little discus but we were meant to use the big ones I throw and it was al right but I could have done better .

Get ready get set go to 100m sprints so we were there I took my shoes off and got in a line in my line there was Alex,me and 2 other people we raced and at the end I won but that was just the warm up race this time in my line was Alex,Moli,Salelei and me we raced and Moli came first but I wasn’t that fussed because I knew that he would beat me but it was time to pack up and everyone came and got in their lines.

But Miss Atuahiva told us to come have our turn doing the long jump Nganga went first then I did I did a quick run up and jumped I got 3.4m metres and I was happy                      

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The haunted mansion

The Haunted Mansion:

It was late hours after school and Jonny had just finished his detention so he was walking on by and Jonny heard a gentle whisper and in an instant he looked all around him and saw a huge mansion and the door was just left open to anyone and it seemed like the whispers were coming from there.With bravery, Jonny entered the huge mansion.He couldn't see a thing all he could see was mist surrounding him.

Jonny yelled “anyone home?” and there was no reply.He made out that he was in a hallway he still couldn't see but he sure could smell and it smelled like something was rotting the smell was hard to bare for Jonny but he still walked on.Then without focus he banged into the wall and came out to a kitchen with Jonny holding his breath he saw a meat cleaver and blood all over the bench by then Jonny was freaking out so he quickly got out of the kitchen and then he heard something and it sounded like a T.V then I saw the back of a couch and then saw two people on it and then Jonny said “excuse me someone had an incident in the kitchen” then they said nothing and then Jonny looked at them and they were dead so Jonny ran in a flash and made it out the door and then ran as fast as he could to get home.After that day that house never got touched and no one ever set foot in it again.            

Friday, 20 September 2013

Week 8 learning reflection

This week's learning reflection :

This week I learned to share the ball when I'm playing ripper rugby.I  also learned to work in a team of 3 because we did our inquiry in groups of 3 with different people and it was quite fun and easy at the same time.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Response writing

Response text

Responses are found in
book review,film review,art review,newspaper review,magazine review.
To summarise a text.
To respond to a text.
To analyse a text or work of art.
Background information about the work.
Exploration of the works quality.
Judgement of the work.   
- action verbs
- nouns
- saying verbs
- thinking verbs
-persuasive language

Read this article and then complete your response to the news article.
background info - This article was about
explore the writing - Is it good Yes why?
                                                      No why?

This article is about  how Pacific and Maori students in Otago have released that 14.3 percent of students have failed in level 2 reading test. PPTA president Angela Roberts said focussing singularity ethnicity meant overlapping the problems like socioeconomic state were not focussed on.She said that the info was  20 per cent of students were failing and had made schools crazy and they were being used to drive through policy change.

Most of the Pasifika and Maori students don’t even have decent reading books.most of the students who are failing are boys what i don’t get is why is it boys that are failing the most.The students are failing but is it all the students fault it could be the teaches or even the parents fault.It could be the teaches fault because their giving the students work that is to hard .But it could be the students fault for not listen to the teacher when they are ment to.

It’s not just the Pasifika and Maori students that are failing in their school tests it could be Indians,Asians and Europeans failing.The parents could be making the students fail by not buying books for them or letting them not do their homework.Or even by letting them do or go anywhere they want                   

Friday, 6 September 2013

My reading activities for this week

This is the article that I did this week

It’s about the Moriori getting to the Chatham Islands in the vast Pacific Ocean.

The Moriori hunted birds and seals for food. 

The article is called Where no boats could live because the sea around the Chatham Islands is very rough.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Persuasive writing

Children should be working from the age of 8

I agree children should be working from the age of 8 because they could help pay the bills or even buy groceries and then people would be able to have more money and they would be able to travel more too.

Parents will be able to teach their children for three hours a day and five days a week any time or day of the week.

People can change schools into places like a Warehouse or a shopping market, Paper Plus store or even toy stores where children can work.

If children wanted to, they could try find a job on the internet. Also with all the money that the company would be getting they could make bigger and better shops and they could make libraries and food stores.      

To conclude, children working is a positive move for the country because it will teach them to be independent from a young age.