Monday, 11 August 2014

Powhiri Recount

It was Thursday the 7th of August and Len Brown the Mayor of Auckland was coming to glenbrae school. Because we are going to build a early childhood education centre. So for that we had a powhiri in our school hall and outside there was a kapa haka.

Once Len Brown came in with Nick Smith and a whole lot more politics he started talking about the early childhood education centre that was going to be built and he also said that 32 houses were going to be built in the next year.

Next Len brown said that after he speaks to a crowd he sings a song so he sang a maori song to us. Then we sang our songs to him and the rest of the politics first we had samoan song then two maori songs then we went outside to where the early childhood education centre was going to be to sod the soil. When we got there someone had already upturned the dirt so they put it back in the ground and dig another hole. But before they dug another hole Matua Jim did prey then Len Brown and Nick Smith upturned the dirt. Then lastly the house leaders went for a walk down to the glenbrae scout hall it was getting fixed up and it’s going to be a community hall so we carried on walking then stopped outside of a construction site and we were told it was going to be the first house to be built out of the 32 houses then we went back to school and it all slowly went back to normal.                

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae kwon do Recount

Tae kwon do. a martial arts that really hurts if used and this is what we are learning this term.We are up to our 2nd week of it and I enjoy it this week we learn’t how to punch properly then we learn’t a counter attack where you dodge a sweeping kick by jumping up and then double punch.Then we learn’t how to get out of a person grabbing you by your throat you have to put your arms up and hands together then twist your body sideways.After all this we had a fun game of helicopter and finished off the lesson.