Monday, 19 June 2017

11 PEA Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Who is Isaac Newton ? - The professor/scientist that created the 3 laws of motion to help understand and explain motion and what happens to objects and motion.
  • Explain the 3 laws ? 
  1.  Law of inertia - The process of an object that is not moving or moving at a constant speed. Then another force applied that makes a stationary object move or accelerate the speed of a moving object.
  2. Law of acceleration - The process of an object accelerating from a force applied to make it move (example) F=MxA force = mass x acceleration. The more mass, the more force, the more acceleration and the more distance an object is propelled.
  3. Law of action/reaction - The process where an object has an action then a equal and opposite reaction the more force applied the greater the action and greater the reaction (example) throwing a ball at the wall the ball being throw is the action then it bouncing off the wall ad back to you is the reaction.  

  • How did the game inertia ball demonstrate Newton's Laws ? - The activity we did which was Inertia Ball demonstrated the 3 laws by.    
Law 1 - The inertia of the flex ball was being affected when we were throwing the other balls at it because the forces from the balls being thrown was pushing the ball across the rec.
Law 2 - The acceleration of the flex ball was being increased when we were throwing the basketballs at it because they were the heaviest and had the most mass F=MxA force = mass x acceleration.
Law 3 - There were actions and reactions when we threw the balls(action) and they hit the flex ball which propelled it to accelerate and the balls flew away in different directions(reaction).      

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

1.1 Reflection - Ultimate Frisbee

  • Explain the physical sport you participated in 
The physical sport I participated in is called Ultimate Frisbee. It is a game where there are two opposing teams and a Frisbee that is used to score the aim of the game is to throw the Frisbee to a team mate that is standing over the line and for them to catch it which this is how you score. The rules to this game are simple there are two out lines on either side if the Frisbee is not caught by your team mate when thrown then it is a hand over. The Frisbee can also be intercepted by an opponent catching the Frisbee but if they fail to do so and only smack it out of the air then it is still the team that threw it's ball these are the basic rules to Ultimate Frisbee.

  • What level of effort and engagement was I participating at during today's physical activity?Why(Grade your self NA,A or M and refer to marking criteria)
I would give myself a M level of effort and engagement because I worked hard towards the goal or objective of the activity. I showed enjoyment of the activity when our team was doing well even though there were struggles with weather being too windy. I was also motivated and reliable in the practical context because I was motivated to win and score and was a reliable part of my team. I as well as seek to improve my performance through development of skills, well-being and fitness.

  • What were three factors that influenced my participation (positives/negatives -/+)?
+/positive - past experience - In previous lessons we have played this game and we withdrew a lot of enjoyment from it.

-/negative - challenge/environment - A negative influence for me was that the environment made playing the game a challenge because the Frisbee would go flying everywhere.

+/positive - equipment - A positive influence was that I brought all my gear even though I still wore a singlet out in the wind on the field.

  • Explain how these factors effected my participation (with specific examples)
these factors effected my participation by making me want to play because I like a challenge even though the environment was cold and windy. It was also an alright game because we had previous experiences just inside instead of outside. But over all I participated at my fullest.

How could you increase your (or your peers) participation in this activity in the future ?
remind myself as well as my peers to not only bring their PE gear but bring PE gear appropriate to the whether.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Balance and Stability

Questions :

  • What are the three parts of balance and stability ?
COG - centre of gravity
LOG - line of gravity
BOS - base of stability
  • How can someone increase their balance and/or stability ?
By lowering your centre of gravity/COG,widening 
your base of support/BOS and making sure your 
line of gravity/LOG is in your base of support.
  • Describing my task 
The other day my class did this activity but I did not because I was away the activity was that they were given pictures of poses that they had to recreate which are the pictures in the slides. Today's task was to put them into a slide and write down the COG,LOG,BOS onto the images with lines and the COG being a circle in the middle. The COG,LOG,BOS was colour coded like this as well. I also enjoyed this activity and found that none of it was necessarily difficult.   

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Skeletal System - Jack

What are the roles of the skeletal system ?
The roles of the skeletal system are.
- Support our weight
- protect our vital organs
- to keep us up right and able to stand and function

What are the types of bones ?
There are 3 main types of bones in your body they are.
- short bones - these bones are mainly Carpals/Tarsals, Metacarpals/Metatarsals and Phalanges
- flat bones - these bones are mainly scapula, ribs, sternum, cranium and pelvis
- long bones - these bones are mainly humerus, ulna, radius, femur, tibia and fibula

What was this activity ?
Explanation - This activity was one that we did in a group with our class mates our teacher told us and allowed us to grab anything we wanted to make a skeleton look a like out of the equipment from the school P.E shed we had five minutes to do so we had used all this equipment to form our groups skeleton in the image above with labels included help what each piece of equipment stood for and why it was placed there.  

The Muscular Skeletal System

Muscular Skeletal System :

  • What are the three types of muscles ? (Examples)   
  1. Cardiac - (Example) Heart
  2. Smooth - (Example) Intestines 
  3. Skeletal - (Example) Biceps brachii
  • Choose one activity we have completed in class and describe what your task was
  1. Kahoot : for kahoot we revised the bones and skeletal muscles I worked with my two class friends paris and brodie.
  • Describe what agonist and antagonist muscles are 
  • What are some movements in the body and examples of the movement in a sport ? 
     Example/Sport movement - Pull ups

Agonist - Biceps brachii is the agonist in this movement because the biceps brachii is contracting/shortening. This muscle is the agonist when pulling up (elbow flexion) which is when you pull your body up by bending/contracting your arms(this is elbow flexion) and pull your chin over the bar.

Antagonist - Triceps brachii is the antagonist in this movement because the triceps brachii is extending/lengthening