Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Basket reflection

Today was the last day of our basketball lessons .I learn’t the names of how you can bounce the ball you can do bongo drums, left high, left low, right high, right low but you normally have to do bounces under the knee .

The most difficult trick I did was bouncing the ball back and forth through my legs in the end I  still wasn’t any good .But I was pretty good at spinning the ball on my finger that was my favourite trick when we finished the last lesson I gave a big thanks from our class and school.     

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Our awesome trip to the Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo trip :

Friday the 4th of April was the date set for the rooms 7 ,9 and 10 we were set to meet in the hall at 8:50 am .there were 2 buses waiting outside the gate .

When we were in the hall our class was split into 4 groups I was in Mrs “Parker’s” group we were the first group to go I got on the bus that was at the back and I was the first 1 on so I went to the back seat with my friend Alex .

The trip took 30 minutes to get to the Auckland Zoo and our bus got there first straight after the other bus came we had  to wait for bit in the bus I didn't know why but I wasn't fussed we got off and walked through the big doorway and through the gate at the end .We got leaded by the zoo keepers we then walked to a room by all the N.Z native animals ,plants and insects we had a talk with the zoo keepers they said to be very quiet or the animals will get scared and hide .

After the talk about the rules our class room 10 went with Laura she was 1 of the zoo keepers The we went in the cage that had the native trees and birds .We saw the Nikau tree and the kawakawa plant and up on a high branch we saw a wood pigeon when we started to go up the path we saw some native parrots .Next we went up to the high deck and saw the birds on the roof I didn't know what they were because they were too far away.

Then we left and went with the other zoo keeper his name was John he was British he showed us the lizards they weren't as amusing as I thought they would be .then he took us to the cage with the kea’s we went in and there were weka s as well but there were lots of keas after I just took a photo of kea that was on the ground 1 flu from above and glided along my head and I got a fright but it was cool to get so close to 1 .

Then we went with the last zoo keeper that was with us his name was Richard we stopped at a table and he had a bag he showed us what was in it .It was a stuffed owl and stuffed ferret we were aloud to touch them as we walked through the gate he was taking us to the night forest .But we quickly had a look at the ells they were big he said they were up to 30-40 years old .

After that we went to the night forest but I only saw 2 kiwis they  were bigger than I thought they would be .So that was cool then in the room at the end there was a machine that had a kiwi egg in it but.... it was fake then we walked back to the meeting place where we had a talk we then had another talk and split into the groups we sorted at school and went to the building that was near the tigers and sat there to eat .

Then we went to go see all the animals we saw lots of different animals and reptiles but there was 1 spider monkey that was funny it was hanging by it’s tail while it was fighting its own feet and then it grabbed it’s BUT!!! it was disturbing but funny at the same time.

At the end we went to kid zone and saw the pigs and guinea pigs then Hannah, Eseki and me went down the slide while we were going down little kids were coming down behind us and we weren't even moving then we finally got out that was the worst time out of the whole trip then we went to the front of the zoo and waited until the other classes got there and then we left and went back to school .