Friday, 20 September 2013

Week 8 learning reflection

This week's learning reflection :

This week I learned to share the ball when I'm playing ripper rugby.I  also learned to work in a team of 3 because we did our inquiry in groups of 3 with different people and it was quite fun and easy at the same time.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Response writing

Response text

Responses are found in
book review,film review,art review,newspaper review,magazine review.
To summarise a text.
To respond to a text.
To analyse a text or work of art.
Background information about the work.
Exploration of the works quality.
Judgement of the work.   
- action verbs
- nouns
- saying verbs
- thinking verbs
-persuasive language

Read this article and then complete your response to the news article.
background info - This article was about
explore the writing - Is it good Yes why?
                                                      No why?

This article is about  how Pacific and Maori students in Otago have released that 14.3 percent of students have failed in level 2 reading test. PPTA president Angela Roberts said focussing singularity ethnicity meant overlapping the problems like socioeconomic state were not focussed on.She said that the info was  20 per cent of students were failing and had made schools crazy and they were being used to drive through policy change.

Most of the Pasifika and Maori students don’t even have decent reading books.most of the students who are failing are boys what i don’t get is why is it boys that are failing the most.The students are failing but is it all the students fault it could be the teaches or even the parents fault.It could be the teaches fault because their giving the students work that is to hard .But it could be the students fault for not listen to the teacher when they are ment to.

It’s not just the Pasifika and Maori students that are failing in their school tests it could be Indians,Asians and Europeans failing.The parents could be making the students fail by not buying books for them or letting them not do their homework.Or even by letting them do or go anywhere they want                   

Friday, 6 September 2013

My reading activities for this week

This is the article that I did this week

It’s about the Moriori getting to the Chatham Islands in the vast Pacific Ocean.

The Moriori hunted birds and seals for food. 

The article is called Where no boats could live because the sea around the Chatham Islands is very rough.