Monday, 12 June 2017

Balance and Stability

Questions :

  • What are the three parts of balance and stability ?
COG - centre of gravity
LOG - line of gravity
BOS - base of stability
  • How can someone increase their balance and/or stability ?
By lowering your centre of gravity/COG,widening 
your base of support/BOS and making sure your 
line of gravity/LOG is in your base of support.
  • Describing my task 
The other day my class did this activity but I did not because I was away the activity was that they were given pictures of poses that they had to recreate which are the pictures in the slides. Today's task was to put them into a slide and write down the COG,LOG,BOS onto the images with lines and the COG being a circle in the middle. The COG,LOG,BOS was colour coded like this as well. I also enjoyed this activity and found that none of it was necessarily difficult.   


Georgia Dougherty said...

Even though you missed the practical part of this activity, do you think labelling the COG, LOG, and BOS helped you to understand balance and stability a little more? Your post is short and sweet, full of lots of useful information, which is great! I like how you colour coded your text too. This post will be useful in the future when you need to revise the biomechanical principle!

kirsty said...

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latoiya said...

Hi, my name is Latoiya from Gilberthorpe School. There was a good amount of information. I'm wondering how you could balance on one foot using this information and next time you could add more detail like how to balance.
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Thank you

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