Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Our Basketball lesson

It was Tuesday and we started doing Basketball lessons so we went outside and meet the Basketball coach her name was Steph .We started off by a game. We got in a line and she said the aim of the game was she would turn and start walking and we would have to run until we got half way past the other court .We did that and I only got out once because when she turns back around we had to freeze .If we got caught moving we would have to go back to the start then we did the same thing but in a different way .When she turns around you have to shout ball and go in a catching position and then I won.

bb.png Then Steph taught us some dribbling moves like left low and high,right low and high and bongo drums low and high thats when you use both hands one after the other.  

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Alan Duff's amazing visit

This morning we had just finished our Basketball lesson and we were learning more about description writing .Then Alan Duff walked though the door and sat down we were told the other day that he would be coming so he told us what he has been up to .He said last night he meet Kevin Mealamu then he told us of all the old songs he likes and he also asked if we had any big dreams .Anthony said his was being a rugby star and Wairua said he wanted to do tattoo's on people.Next he asked us some more questions and we asked him some then he left and we clapped for him and carried on doing our work.