Monday, 6 March 2017

My PE SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis definition

Strengths,Weaknesses,Opportunities and Threats

  • The SWOT analysis is way to find out what you are best in, what you are not so good in, what chances you have to get good and what things can become things to make you do not so good which is all tested in a singular subject.

  • Strengths- I am capable at most sports(can do reasonably well) also well prepared I am a competitive player.

  • Weaknesses- I am not the greatest when it comes to teamwork/communication sometimes I go off task and end up not participating can be too talkative when not needed.

  • Opportunities- I can learn off people that are more experienced in a sport that I don’t know so well and ask for extra help from the teacher play a sport that I am very good at to participate to my full extent.

  • Threats- Things that can prevent my success is being out voted for a sport that I don’t like or am not good at or not being acknowledged which then makes me not participate in the sport and I don’t have an actual training space.


Georgia Dougherty said...

Thanks for your honest reflection Jack! This is helpful for your peers to know, because then they can help you if you are feeling shy, and they know your goal is to try work with other people too. I am looking forward to seeing how you go working towards your goals - did the SWOT analysis help you to write your goals?

Shikarn said...

Hey Jack Shikarn here from Gilberthorpe school. Your goals are great I like the one about PE!!!

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