Wednesday, 26 July 2017

1101PEA: The 3 classes of levers

The 3 parts of levers :

  • Fulcrum - The fulcrum is the pivot point of each lever. (Triangle)
  • Effort - The effort is the part of the lever that uses the pressure or pivot applied to it from either the fulcrum or an external force to move the load. (Rectangle) 
  • Load - The load is last part of the lever that is moved from the fulcrum and effort. It is also the resistance of each of the other lever parts. (Square)

Classes of levers :

3rd class
  1. Seesaw
  2. Wheel barrow
  3. Arm


Georgia Dougherty said...

Hey Jack, thanks for sharing your learning! Even though you weren't in class for when we first learnt about levers, this post shows you have understood the biomechanical principle well. What did you think about the activity? Did you find it challenging? When do we see levers in sport? Looking forward to reading more posts Jack, Miss D

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