Monday, 19 June 2017

11 PEA Newton's Laws of Motion

  • Who is Isaac Newton ? - The professor/scientist that created the 3 laws of motion to help understand and explain motion and what happens to objects and motion.
  • Explain the 3 laws ? 
  1.  Law of inertia - The process of an object that is not moving or moving at a constant speed. Then another force applied that makes a stationary object move or accelerate the speed of a moving object.
  2. Law of acceleration - The process of an object accelerating from a force applied to make it move (example) F=MxA force = mass x acceleration. The more mass, the more force, the more acceleration and the more distance an object is propelled.
  3. Law of action/reaction - The process where an object has an action then a equal and opposite reaction the more force applied the greater the action and greater the reaction (example) throwing a ball at the wall the ball being throw is the action then it bouncing off the wall ad back to you is the reaction.  

  • How did the game inertia ball demonstrate Newton's Laws ? - The activity we did which was Inertia Ball demonstrated the 3 laws by.    
Law 1 - The inertia of the flex ball was being affected when we were throwing the other balls at it because the forces from the balls being thrown was pushing the ball across the rec.
Law 2 - The acceleration of the flex ball was being increased when we were throwing the basketballs at it because they were the heaviest and had the most mass F=MxA force = mass x acceleration.
Law 3 - There were actions and reactions when we threw the balls(action) and they hit the flex ball which propelled it to accelerate and the balls flew away in different directions(reaction).      


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