Monday, 31 July 2017

1101PEA - Sepak Takraw

  • Explain the physical activity you participated in.
The physical activity I participated is called Sepak Takraw("twine and kick") it is a game that origins from south east Asia. You could say it is a mix between football/soccer and volleyball because you play it in a volleyball type court with a net that is almost exactly the same. The rule to the game though are like football/soccer because you are only aloud to use your head,torso and feet. The objective is the same as volleyball you have to make it touch the ground on the opposing teams side.


  • What level of effort and engagement were you participating at during today's physical activity ? why ?
My level of effort and engagement for this physical activity was an achieved.
Marking criteria :
  1. I was organised and prepared for the lesson because I brought the correct gear. 
  2. I demonstrated skills related to the activity from using football skills to hit the ball to the other side.
  3. I was actively involved in the task by playing for the whole lesson.
  • What were three factors that influenced your participation?
(Competition +) Competition positively influenced me because it was slightly competitive because we were all versing each other.
(Skill level -) Skill level negatively influenced me because Sepak takraw is a game that requires a lot of agility and high weird looking jumps.   
(Challenge +) Challenge positively influenced me because I like a challenge sometimes even when it's a game that I've never played or heard of and plus was like playing football and volleyball at the same time.

  • How could you increase your (or your peer's) participation in this activity in the future ?
I could encourage my peers to stay focused on the activity and to try their best at successfully passing the ball from side to side.  


MissM said...

Hey Jack,
Super cool to have a video of the game so that I could tell what it would look like. To make this even better you could have had a short clip of you doing it!!! I agree with you have the competition factor would increase my engagement and the skill would decrease it - those guys can lift their legs pretty high! haha! Which sport is your favourite? Hope to hear back from you!

reign said...

Hello Jack!!i like how you express your feelings and how you choose the game you really like,this reminds me of when i was in the philippines i somewdays see people playing sepak and when there´s sports we sometimes have sepak as a sport,to improve your post next time you should add more specific words,is you favouritte sport sepak or any sports?

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